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Below are some interesting articles about costume jewellery.  Hopefully this answers some of your questions or at the very least, you will find it interesting.

How to make your costume jewellery last longer

  • Do not ever let your jewellery come in contact with perfume or hair spray.
  • Store properly.  Store seperately on soft material in your jewellery box.
  • If the item is special, spray a light coat of clear lacquer over the item while hanging.  Let dry and you will have an extra protective layer.
  • Do not let the jewellery get wet.  Keep dry.
  • Never shower or swim with jewellery. 
  • Avoid prolonged direct sunlight.  Sunlight may cause colour to fade.
  • Wear your costume jewellery occassionally.  Alternate your pieces or designs.  Costume jewellery are made to wear on occassion, not every day.
  • Remove your jewellery after you get home.

Cleaning Jewellery

Dry Cleaning:

Brush your jewellery piece with a toothbrush.  This will remove dust and dirt in small areas.  Blow away and inspect if item is clean. Remove remaining dirt (if any) with a toothpick or needle for small areas, always being careful not to scratch the item.   Polish with a dry, soft microfibre wipe.  This will remove fingerprints from your glass pieces.

Using a gentle cleansing solution:

If the first step was not adequate, then move to the next level with a soft cleansing solution.  Mix one part original soft hair shampoo to three parts lukewarm water.  Do not make it stronger!  If made stronger the chemicals may damage the outer layer of the jewellery.  Dip a soft toothbrush in the solution and brush the jewellery item.  Do not soak in the solution.  The excessive liquid can loosen glue and adhesives used in the jewellery item.  Use light pressure to avoid loosening gems and rhinestones.  Rinse the jewellery under water.  Do not overdue it.  You do not want to damage your jewellery.  You just want to remove the soap.  Dab the excess moisture off with a soft cloth.  Dry with a hairdryer on cold setting to evaporate moisture in small spaces.

Stronger cleansers:

If both the above methods didn't have the desired cleaning effect, you may wish to try a stronger solution.  Pour acetone free cutex remover into a bowl.  Dip a cotton swab in the liquid.  Remove excess liquid and rub the jewellery piece or gem but avoid glued areas.  Rinse under water and dry with a soft cloth and hairdryer.  Please note that this method should only be used as a last resort and if not used correctly, may damage your jewellery.

Cleaning freshwater pearls:

Clean freshwater pearls after each wear by wiping with a soft cloth.  This avoids build-up over time.  Avoid using chemicals and never let any perfume or make-up get on your pearls. 

By placing a drop of olive oil on a wipe before wiping your pearls, you will keep the luster and shine of the pearls.

If the pearls are wiped with a damp cloth, lay the string down to dry on a microfibre cloth.

If the pearls are strung on silk, please remember that silk shrinks when it gets wet and stretches when hung to dry.  Let dry before putting away item.

Avoid cleansers, chemicals, detergents and ultrasound cleaners.

If product is particularly dirty, then make use of a professional cleaner or jeweller in your area to clean the product.

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